Writing Wednesday: A New Addition

Welcome to a new segment (what else do I call a weekly section of my blog?) where I’ll be attempting to post something every Wednesday! The general idea of this is so I can share a bit of my writing, talk about what I’m currently working on and also as a place to express my opinions about certain topics relating to writing and looking for a career in the industry. Continue reading Writing Wednesday: A New Addition


The Palo Alto Market

Last weekend was my birthday and for the first time ever there was actually sunshine on my birthday and it was abnormally warm. As someone with a February birthday I am very used to the weather being abysmal, attractions being closed for the winter/doing maintainance etc. and also around exams but this was year was completely different! On the first weekend of every month the Palo Alto market in Barcelona is open and this just happened to coincide with my birthday!

I didn’t know much about the market before we went except that it involves bringing together a lot of small, independent businesses and entry is 4€ on the door (unless you buy your ticket early on the app then it is 1€ less). The market is a little out of the city centre but that gave us the opportunity to wander around a new part of Barcelona that was so new and built up it made me think it would be a good setting for an apocalypse film – there was hardly any signs of life except market goers it was a bit creepy. Continue reading The Palo Alto Market

Thirteen to Twenty-Three: Some things that have changed with me

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, I know turning 23 isn’t exactly a massive milestone but with everything up in the air with where my life is heading at the moment I’ve been reflecting a lot on aspects of myself that have grown and changed over the past 10 years. So here are just a few of the important things that have positively impacted my sense of self, I’m sure some of you will be able to relate to some of these!

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I went to a salsa class!

This week has probably been the first week that I’ve really felt like I am living in this city. I’ve been coming to terms with living on a very strict budget but it hasn’t stopped me from doing lots of interesting things as much as I thought it would. Bryony, my friend from uni and former housemate (sob), came to visit me for a couple of days which meant that I got to play the real tourist for the first time since I’ve been here! We walked all around the city and went inside Sagrada Familia, which blew me away despite the fact I only saw it 4 years ago but it has changed a lot more than I expected. Anyway, you aren’t reading this to hear about all the touristy things I did this week, you want to hear about the salsa class of course!

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Places to Visit in Barcelona: The Box

The Box is a place that we had been planning to visit for over two months but for some reason we kept getting the idea to go on the one day a week it is closed (Monday*) and then promptly forgetting until the next Monday. Anyway, after completing this weird cycle for weeks we finally made it to The Box for a few farewell drinks as Colin is sadly leaving us to return to the States. The Box turned out to be a great choice for this kind of affair as the bar is very small – hence the name – and has a very friendly, cost environment that makes it great for catching up with friends. You’ll have to get there at a semi-reasonable time at the weekend I expect to get a seat as we were there on a Thursday and by 10pm there were no seats left.

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The Mooncup: My experience 

Sorry to people who follow me for travel and Barcelona related posts! I will continue to post about both of those topics when I have something to write about but I am also going to be writing about other things that I am interested in and have an opinion on. This post comes from the fact that I have been asked about this by a lot of my friends over the past 6 months so I figured I’d address everything I’ve been asked in one concise post.

The commercial menstrual cup was first patented eighty years ago in 1937, so the product is hardly anything new but most women, including myself, hadn’t heard of it until about a year or so ago as the popularity of the cup has risen. Today, there are several different companies that manufacture the menstrual cup, which is usually made of medical grade silicone as latex was found to irritate some women. However, I am not writing this to give you information about the history of the menstrual cup because Google is a thing.

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Less about travel, more about me

Last week, as I prepared to put 2016 behind me and embrace 2017 (bearing in my mind that I’m not one for resolutions usually) I started to evaluate who I am right now and where I want to be. Rewind back three years ago to me heading off to university, knowing that I wanted to live in another country at some point in the near future and excited about all the new things I was about to learn – I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted from life; to be the happiest I could be. However, by the end of 2016 I was feeling incredibly lost, which is something I have struggled a lot with since my teenage years. To people who know me well, they know I strive to be honest above all things and I suppose if anyone thinks I’m ever lying then that’s up to them but there it is. Continue reading Less about travel, more about me