The pores of four walls

You can go home again,

to the place that houses your youth.

But don’t forget 

the memories you made.

They are folded away,

hidden in cubby holes,

permeating the walls.

They will whisper to you 

in the quietness of the night.

You reach out for comfort

but beside you is only emptiness,

you need to remember 

that is how it is now.

You can go home again                          

but how can you truly feel it

when you made your home 

in someone else?

The Palm House

​The ticking hands of time and
Many miles more than before is what lies between us now.

But still, I find myself in this place

That’s so similar to what I once called ours.

So I sit on a bench in the same way I did before

And let my hand creep into the empty space that was yours.

The earth smells different to how I remember it but what I remember most is you.

Your hand chained to mine, like I was your anchor.

I had to stay on the ground while your eyes drifted away to the solitude in your mind.

I always felt like they should shine brighter, your eyes

But they were suffocated under the shadow of your sadness.

I found comfort in the smell of the tree-tinged air

The feel of the earth in my palm waiting for me to create something with it.

It wasn’t me who kept everything down

And I was never meant to be an anchor.

Today I am getting published… twice!


As if it wasn’t great enough that I am having a piece of fiction published for the first time in Salomé’s first issue (check the post ‘I can finally tell you…’ for more info) I am also getting published over at The F-Word for an article I have been working on for the past month!

I wasn’t joking when I said exciting things were happening, I just couldn’t mention the other one until today! So my article should be up here in the next few hours and as for my piece of fiction – head over to Salomé and purchase a digital copy to read it. You’ll also be supporting a fantastic new project in the process so there’s that!

I apologise for how short this post is but I am currently using free train station WiFi on my phone in Figueres on my way back from the Dalí museum but you now have my published things to read! Go on, it’ll make me more than happy, even if you hate both pieces.

I can finally tell you all…

I know I teased you all with a big announcement last week and then I was unable to tell you but now I can! About a month ago I saw a call for submissions for a new literary magazine, called Salomé, for emerging female writers. Serendipitously, I had a piece of short fiction that I worked on whilst at university and had recently revisited to fine tune it. Being quite proud of this small piece of work, I sent it in for consideration because there was the promise of receiving feedback regardless of whether you were selected or not and I wanted to know if my writing was going in a good direction.

Continue reading “I can finally tell you all…”

My Big Announcement… it’s coming, I promise

Okay, I got some really exciting news on Monday night and I am dying to tell everyone but alas, I cannot spill the beans just yet. All I will say right now is that I have been working very hard over the past month to not just keep up with posting on this blog twice a week and adding more words to my novel but also working on new pieces of fiction as well as articles to submit to magazines and websites. The hard work seems to have paid off a little and I am feeling even more driven to keep creating new content, so to celebrate this until I can actually tell you all what will be happening in the next month, I’m giving you a little snippet of new novel-writing to read. I hope you like it and can wait a little longer to hear about all the exciting stuff! Continue reading “My Big Announcement… it’s coming, I promise”

500 Days of Summer: Tom, Summer and relationships

It is no secret that 500 Days of Summer is one of my favourite films, much like Juno and Little Miss Sunshine I can put 500 Days of Summer on anytime and enjoy it just as much as I did the last time. However, when I first watched the film at 15 my opinion of the characters and their actions was a lot different to how it is now and I am sure many people my age probably would feel the same if they watched the film again. I want to discuss the character of Summer, Tom’s perspective and the theme of love in a film that I feel is often misunderstood when watched for the first time.

From the opening of the film we are warned that this story is not a love story and yet, despite knowing this and knowing that the relationship introduced between Tom and Summer will end there was still a small part of 15-year-old me who was willing them to be together. This is what is so clever about this film. It is very easy to forget whilst watching that everything we are being shown is from Tom’s perspective and therefore, the depiction of Summer is a very attractive one; she is cool, she is clearly pretty and she has that quirkiness, which many deem to be the appearance of the ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girl’ trope. This encourages us to be fascinated by her in the same way Tom is and this also means that, like Tom, we have a tendency to ignore the clear warning signs that she is not what he has imagined her to be. Even the omniscient narrator of the story assists in this idea that Summer is a woman to be put on a pedestal with all these unusual statistics that cumulate in something called the ‘Summer Effect’. So how does this perspective paired with Summer’s otherworldly aura make this film such an interesting exploration of love and relationships? Continue reading “500 Days of Summer: Tom, Summer and relationships”