Inside my Diaries: Part three (2006-2007)

On we go to a new diary; it’s very pink, fluffy and still smelling of the perfume I covered it in because I wanted to be like Marty in Grease when she is writing the love letters to her many boyfriends. Although, it is interesting that I picked something with “Femme” written on the front when I have bought 2 t-shirts in the past month that have the same word printed on them – guess this is how you start finding your identity when you’re growing up. Despite the fact that I seemingly thought that having a more ‘sophisticated’ looking diary meant that I was much more mature now and much less embarrassing I’m afraid that this particular volume is probably going to be the worst in terms of cringe. Enjoy!

Sunday 9th July, 8.50pm

I felt really sick before but I’m fine now. Mum’s birthday was great, Granny bought me a new bag and mum bought me some skinny leg 3/4 length trousers from new look plus i’ve decorated my room with loads of fancy bags from Tammy, hotters etc. I also dropped a file on my big toe and I have to put plasters on it. lol. Emma’s being a bitch as usual and I still love Charlie. got 2 go. Bye!

I like how it had been Mum’s birthday but I still got bought stuff? I was the kind of kid who got so jealous of other people getting to open presents that my brother used to let me open half of his on his birthday. Also, let’s talk about the fact that I thought Hotter was cool? I feel like my Granny told me they were an expensive shoe place and that meant that they must have been pretty cool and not orthotics. I wish I had a picture of my room back then because I literally lined the walls with nice shopping bags, I still have a few hidden in my room actually.

Tuesday 11th July, 9.40pm

I got a 10 minuite detention today because i forgot to do my science homework for the first time ever! Mum & Dad are back from York and mum bought me some homemade fudge. I’ve lost my homework diary (prob-ably in my locker). Plus I have my own band called Toxic Beauty. Me, Tina, Lucy, Polly, Amber & Alex arein it. G2G and get some sleep!

I remember being so pissed about this detention because I managed to do my homework during the register but my teacher saw me and still gave me the only detention I ever got – pretty sure I cried – I was a sensitive child. Our ‘band name’ came from an online generator during an IT lesson and of course it was not a real band because none of us could actually play any instruments… or sing.

Sunday 16th July, 1.30pm

Tina & Alex came to the village with me yesterday and then came back to mine my house for ages. Mum, Dad, Matt & I all went to the scout barbeque and all of us girls made a tent out of a sheet and some rope. Then at about half nineish Charlie showed up and I screamed and said ‘oh my god’ really loudly. Then all the little kids went up to him and said so is she your girlfriend and Charlie & I were like NO! I’m so bored because i can’t watch telly ot be inside! Damn!

Ah, young love. Two days later Charlie* and I were an ‘item’ but this mostly meant occasionally hugging and absolutely no hand holding. Example:

Satuday 22nd July, 11.45pm

…Charlie and I hugged after rehersals…

How scandalous!

Tuesday 1st August, 11.30am

I really enjoyed the monkey nature reserve yesterday. One monkey tryed to bite me on the knee but only left teeth marks. Another grabbed the pleats of my skirt and tryed to reveal my underwear to the whole world! There was even a mini farm with goats, chickens, turkeys, a donkey and a really fat pig! I’ve also now got a hanging monkey called nibbles and I bought 3 monkey keyrings for, Tina, Lucy and myself and 3 bendy pencils for Polly, Amber, and Alex. I’m going to ‘Futurescope’ tomorrow so cya!

Ten years later and I am still talking about wanting to go back to this monkey sanctuary in France. Not sure why I had to shame the pig by highlighting how fat it was with vicious underlining, it must have been a porker… at least I make myself laugh. I was really good at buying people presents from my holidays when I was a kid and now I get to the airport and realise I haven’t bought anyone anything, not even anything for myself most of the time too.



I came 3rd in a Mizz magazine t-shirt designing competition and it is the closest I have come to winning something ever so I’m still weirdly proud of it. Plus, when I was this age I really wanted to be a fashion designer so this was very exciting.


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