A York Appreciation Post

Before Barcelona there was York. York was the city I chose to spend my university years in; big enough to meet plenty of new people and small enough to still feel connected to everyone. I met people who have become beyond important to me and I got to enjoy living in one of the most historic cities in the UK. As I created this blog post-York, I’ve never had a chance to talk about some of my favourite places to visit in the city and as I plan on going back for about little visit in the near future now seemed like a good time for this post. So, here are my top recommended spots in York!

  1. Dusk


Firstly, most of the photos I can find from Dusk are of me and Bryony and usually we are far past drunk thanks to the 2-4-1 cocktails deal that had us going in pretty much every Thursday for 2 years before we decided to calm down a little in our final year. Dusk is hands down my favourite bar of all time. It’s just got the best atmosphere, very chilled, reasonably priced and all the music you love. Plus, when looking for a quick bite on a nice afternoon the bacon cheese fries were always what I wanted and thanks to eating plenty of jalapeño off the top to amuse Bryony my tolerance for spice has increased substantially.

2. Kiosk

Kiosk is still a pretty young place and hadn’t been open long before I had to leave York but was I ever glad I got to go there and drink good coffee out of beautifully crafted cups from Pottery West. Although it is a very compact space with only room for 3.5 tables the food is to die for and if you want a quiet little place for some breakfast or coffee it should be the first place you check out. Plus, they introduced me to Oatly flat whites and for that I am eternally grateful.

3. Evil Eye

Despite the fact that they have just completely overhauled their menu and got rid of all the food that I loved from there it was never really the food that drew me to Evil Eye, it was the cocktails. Infamous for being the best cocktails in York and according to local rumour (totally unfounded but everyone still says it) a favourite bar of Johnny Depp’s. The bar staff are geniuses for being able to remember everything on their menu and even if it’s early in the afternoon you can treat yourself to an exceedingly alcoholic coffee or hot chocolate – always a winner in my books. Plus, with the weather looking up you have to check out the garden. The artwork is something else and you can even catch a little glimpse of the Minster.

4. Museum Gardens

It’s a shock that these aren’t all places to drink coffee and alcohol isn’t it? Well, I couldn’t possibly talk about the serenity in the city that is Museum Gardens. Sometimes you’ll catch a wedding happening, sometimes you’ll get to feed the very fat grey squirrels and sometimes you’ll even see a woman placing her baby in a Moses basket among the daffodils to take a good spring photo. When you’re a skint student, sometimes taking some cheap food to the gardens and people watching it better than heading out for a pricey lunch in a packed touristy place and that’s what we used Museum Gardens for throughout those years – weather permitting of course.

5. Crumbs

How could I not talk about Crumbs? Like Dusk, this was a regular haunt of Bryony and myself during the daylight hours where drinking may have been a little less acceptable. This place has the best cupcakes in town and is in a prime location right next to the Minster. We have been sat amongst the filming of period dramas on more than one occasion because of our need for cupcakes. Despite the fact I have taken a photo of maybe every cupcake I have eaten at Crumbs I won’t post them here so you can enjoy the delight of seeing them for yourselves if you even wander in.

I could honestly keep going on about loads of other places I love and have loved since living in York but for now I will leave this list at a solid 5 and also give a shout out to the memory of Willow – sorry to all the students who will never experience it’s grotty glory now it has closed its doors for good. All I have to remember it by are these photos more of the mirror than an us:




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