The Botanical Garden

It’s been about 4 years since I have actually lived in the Liverpool area as I went to university in York so I’ve seen the city changing and evolving through the wonders of the social media and on fleeting visits back home and has it ever changed. Stylish, unique independents have popped up all around the city; Bold Street offers good food of all varieties from Lebanese to Mexican and you’d be hard pressed not to find a satisfying cup of coffee now. I feel as though I have come back to a city that I still consider my home except now I get to meet it all over again. This week meant a little trip to the place I’ve been dying to visit the most – The Botanical Garden.

Hidden in the new cool part of town, The Baltic Triangle, the unsuspecting industrial outside gives way to the vibrant gin garden that lies behind a wall of doors. The decor includes old-style school lunch tables, booths that are shaded by ivy-covered trellis and steps to perch on that are carpeted with faux grass – basically, an urban paradise. Even on Friday, when it was quite overcast there was ample protection from the wind and heaters to keep you cosy so it ended up being very easy to spend over 2 hours just relaxing with the fine cocktails available.

Myself and Meg began with a Martinez and a Gimlet – I was down for anything with gin and vermouth and was recommended the Martinez by the bar tender (side note: all of the staff are great) and it did not disappoint. The cocktails are clearly made with a lot care and expertise and are fairly reasonably priced for how good they are. We moved on to the ‘Unusual’ section of the menu to try the Basil Smash and The Very Last word, the former being perfectly herby and the latter a good frothy cocktail. Now, if we were sensible we would have left after drinking 2 very strong cocktails at 5pm on a tiny lunch but after discovering that Meg had never had a Bloody Mary and with a little encouragement we ordered the Garden’s own version: a Red Snapper. Honestly, it was my favourite. I love my Bloody Mary’s spicy and this one really hit the spot plus it was even a vegetarian one (with soy sauce, not Worcestershire sauce) thanks to the attention and care of the bar tenders.

As arrangements for the Baltic Weekender began to come together around us, Meg and I decided it was time to head home and eat some pizza to soak up the alcohol, which inevitably ended in even more drinking later that evening. Thankfully,  neither of us paid for it the next day.


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