Goodbye, Barcelona and what is coming next…

I had planned on doing this blog post when I returned last Sunday, however, I had a pretty rough flight home and hardly any sleep the night before so I was too exhausted (and probably a tad too emotional) to sit down and write about leaving a city that has taken my heart.

So why did I leave?

Well, when I moved to Barcelona I had done so with the intention that I would be able to earn enough money to pay to live there and easily travel to other places in Europe. However, owing to the unreliable nature of private teaching and wanting to do things with people who came to visit me I just wasn’t making enough money to do what I had intended. Furthermore, the contract on my flat ran out on the 30th April, I had originally planned to come home on the 24th June so the thought of moving all my stuff for another 7 weeks just didn’t seem worth it to me. I decided it was time to come home, keep working on my writing and start planning for the next step.

What is the next step exactly?

Well, I am planning on upping sticks again but to somewhere a bit closer to home this time because I want to start getting involved in more writing projects and look into career paths that relate more to what I want to do. I have said time and time again over this past week that if I could do something I actually wanted to do and live in Barcelona I would move back in an instant. I guess I better keep working on my Spanish and Catalan for that dream to be realised. Until then, I’m planning on returning when Sagrada Familia is complete, which I did when I visited the city for the first time in 2012 not knowing that 4 years later I would end up moving there.

Oh, and I am not sad that I am home. I don’t feel like I failed for moving back 7 weeks earlier than planned, a feeling that I had  struggled with a lot when making this decision but I know now that if I want to see all the places I want to then I need a steadier income. My time in Barcelona has made me even more fearless. I thought I was already pretty ballsy and independent, that I didn’t really do all of this to ‘grow’ but I guess it’s near impossible to not find yourself changed after doing something like this. The past 9 months of my life has had its good and bad moments; some of them really hard and some that made me realise I have a lot more magical ones left. After all, it is the really good memories that stick. My list of places to visit has not shrunk one bit as I had anticipated, instead it has only grown and despite the fact that I am not entirely sure what I am doing until I move on to a new city, I don’t feel lost.

So what is happening with my blog?!

I’m still going to be here of course! Posting on the same schedule but I guess I’ll have to find something else to talk about come Sunday evening but you can bet I won’t be shutting up about Barcelona forever. I still have plenty of stories to tell and places to talk about yet, they just won’t be something I do every week. I guess you will all just have to wait and see what I show you next…


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