5 Things I hate about Barcelona

I would like to precursor this post with the obvious; I do love Barcelona. However, like any place you live in for a while there are always things you’re going to hate and mostly that’s because other people exist and do things that drive you insane. So yes, Barcelona is great but there are somethings that just really grind on me. Here it goes:

1. The noise.

If it isn’t your neighbours having either an argument or a really loud discussion in the interior of the building whilst slamming doors in the middle of the night then it’s the street cleaners humming along at 3am that’s going to disturb your beauty sleep. Now, I am not a light sleeper. I infamously slept through a near riot happening at the pub opposite my old house in York that woke up the other 6 people I lived with. However, in a city of single glazed windows and buildings packed tightly together it’s hard to avoid disturbances. Even when you’re living in the ‘penthouse’.
Also, the metro or the street or anywhere public forthat matter is not the time to be playing a game/ watching a video on your phone with the volume on full, asshole.

2. Lack of spacial awareness or maybe, just not caring about it.

Dear god, I hate people on the metro and in the street and in lifts and anywhere else I have to be packed in with them like any other normal human but Barcelona is something else. No one will politely try to pass you they will just push you and not look back. Maybe my British sensibilities is the reason I find this so annoying but seriously, a little “perdona” goes a long way. Also, tourists. I know you are fascinated by the buildings and getting all lost in the city’s beauty and stuff but do you have to stand in a line of 6 on La Rambla or on the bridge by the docks when people are trying to get to work or enjoy their morning jog?! Please, have some awareness of your surroundings.

3. Dog poop and people weeing in the street

Do I even need to say anything about why dog poo all over the streets and in the entryway of my building is something I hate? Also, I get that Barcelona has a serious public restroom problem so when it comes to it relieving yourself the street is a fair option but please try to be a little subtle. I am so tired of seeing penises at 1 in the afternoon whilst I am running to the metro and the awkward eye contact that sometimes comes along with it is enough to make me feel like I need a shower immediately.

4. Trying to get anything done on a Sunday.

I completely agree with Sundays being a day of resting and such but when my internet is down *cough like it is now* I would like to be able to call someone to get it sorted please. At least I can be thankful for the capitalist spirit of Starbucks right now, thanks for the WiFi you cheeky tax-evaders.

5. Metro tickets and how easy they are to lose/break

Praise be to the Oyster card, the one thing I will whole heartedly give London kudos for. The paper tickets of the metro, especially the T-10 have a tendency to not work if they are slightly bent or dampened because, well, they are paper! Also, losing a T-50 (which is a month of journeys for about €40) when it is only half used is one of the worst things I have experienced. May as well have just dropped €20 on the floor and went on my merry way. The system needs to be updated, basically.

There it is! Just some of the things I won’t be missing when I leave, expect a much longer post when I move back about all the things I miss because trust me when I say there will be many.


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