I went to a salsa class!

This week has probably been the first week that I’ve really felt like I am living in this city. I’ve been coming to terms with living on a very strict budget but it hasn’t stopped me from doing lots of interesting things as much as I thought it would. Bryony, my friend from uni and former housemate (sob), came to visit me for a couple of days which meant that I got to play the real tourist for the first time since I’ve been here! We walked all around the city and went inside Sagrada Familia, which blew me away despite the fact I only saw it 4 years ago but it has changed a lot more than I expected. Anyway, you aren’t reading this to hear about all the touristy things I did this week, you want to hear about the salsa class of course!

Now, anyone who has moved to another city all alone knows how difficult it can be to make new friends (especially when you’re somewhat of an introvert) but slowly and surely I feel like I’m making some connections here and one of these new people was nice enough to invite Macey and I to a salsa evening! I do enjoy a dance but normally that involves a fair amount of alcohol for me to not feel bad for stepping on people’s toes or looking like my body is made of solely of limbs. My expectation for the evening was that I would get to sit back and enjoy some expert salsa dancers showing me how to actually move my hips from the comfort of my seat with a cold beer in hand.

Oh, was I wrong.

When we first arrived at the bar where the free class was being held there was hardly any one there yet except for the teacher and his partner who were dominating the dance floor. They were so hypnotic I honestly couldn’t stop gawking at them but it was fun and I was sipping on my drink and enjoying the company. It was all a little too serene, too safe. The music changed and the instructor demanded that all the “chicas” head to the dance floor. He was so forceful I couldn’t ignore him so I walked out on to the floor to embarrass myself a little in front of total strangers. At first, it was a little difficult to pick up what we were meant to be doing because I couldn’t actually see the instructors feet and although I could see his partner’s feet she was so good I felt overwhelmed watching her. Eventually, I got a good view and loosened up a little whilst also still managing to stand on the girl’s feet behind me. After the solo instruction was over I went back to our table to grab a drink because salsa makes you so sweaty, especially when you’re in a relatively small area with about 20 people. Grabbing a drink turned out to be the best decision I made all night because immediately everyone was being forced to pair up and I was nowhere near confident enough in my dancing to force someone else to deal with it.

An hour later and the dance floor was so crowded that there wasn’t much room for salsa and the music was blaring. I was none stop yawning and it was only 11pm but I think two days of walking miles around the city paired with my neighbours having some weird party that sounded like a Benny Hill reenactment at 2.30am the night before had wiped me out so I headed home. Overall, the night was so much fun and I think if you ever see an opportunity to go to a free dance class you should grab some friends and go… maybe have a large glass of wine before you get there though.



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