Brunch in Barcelona

Barcelona is definitely not lacking in places to eat, drink and hang-out but after being here for 3 weeks Flax & Kale has to be up on my list for the best food and a very decent cup of coffee. The Flax & Kale ethos is one that is very much in-vogue in cities at the moment; Eat better, Be happier, Live longer and their menu is certainly sticking to this motto. They have yoghurt bowls with every kind of seed decorating the top and a good handful of fruit thrown in. There are bowls of fresh salad that are twice the size of my head and then there is the most intriguing item I’ve seen being served – the black burger – which contains active charcaol.

Today, I opted simply for the Green Romance juice, which was a delicious blend of spinach, pineapple, orange, cilantro and lettuce that after days of eating not much of anything except pasta, patatas and crackers made me feel somewhat energised again. My friend, Macey, got the Avocado Toast and the Scandal Scramble and I ate some of the former and it was the best avocado on toast I have ever had. The bread was simply to die for, it was cut as thick as a doorstop and tasted heavenly. As the scramled eggs disappeared with much “mmm”-ing, I assume they were on an equal level of perfection. Unfortunately, we could not hang about long as we were melting from the sun that we weren’t expecting after 3 days of monsoon rain and nightly storms. However, the rooftop terrace is a beautiful spot as the tables circle around the edible garden and you almost forget for a moment that you’re in the heart of the city.

The atmosphere of Flax & Kale is bustling, the queue to get a table when we arrived was quite long with it being a Saturday and lunch time but as it was just the two of us we were easily seated. Despite how busy it was, the waiting staff were exceedingly attentive and quick as we only waited for about 10 minutes after ordering for our food to arrive. So, if you’re a healthy eating fanatic or looking for some good cold-pressed juice; this is the spot for you. It is also worthwhile mentioning that they have some very tempting sweet options which include pancakes and, my personal favourite, banana and walnut cake. I’m looking forward to coming back and trying out more things from their diverse menu.



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